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Fiberglass Flag Poles

Fiberglass flag poles are great for any commercial application. They are popular as they are maintenance free, corrosion free and durable all while achieving a beautifully natural white finish. Fiberglass flag poles are widely used in windy locations such as the prairies or coastal areas . The great strength to weight ratio of fiberglass makes it lighter than many steel and aluminum poles but just as strong.


Long-term Use

The fiberglass flag poles come standard with a tilt base and internal halyard.

The tilt base is great for long-term use of the pole as you are able to tilt it down to the ground and perform maintenance whenever you need to.

Good for High Traffic Areas

The internal halyard is essential for any high traffic location. It is housed within the pole and you can access it by a locked door. This feature is an essential for any official building, school, or public building. All fiberglass flag poles are stocked and shipped out of Ontario so you can received it in as little as three to four days.

Pick Your Size

Determining your flag pole size is necessary in order to obtain a quote. Generally, the most popular sizes are 25′ and 30′ for commercial flag poles. The most ordered by schools is the 25′ flagpole. With a 25′ or 30′ flagpole, you can have a 3’x 6′ flag. This size flag is the most common Canadian flag on the market and is readily available from Aurora Flags and Banners.

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Tineke de Jong, Marketing & Membership Manager, Old Strathcona Business Association

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Theresa Jolliffe, Community Strategies Coordinator, Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo

Need your pole installed?

We offer installation for all our commercial flag poles (aluminum and fiberglass) within the Edmonton area. Call us for a quote!

Fiberglass Flag poles

Advantage of a Fiberglass pole:

  • Tilt bases are a standard option
  • Internal Halyard with locking door is a standard option
  • Corrosion free and maintenance free
  • Lightweight and high strength
  • Poles are slightly tapered to provide a  finished, sleek look
  • Easy to install
  • No need to repaint, fiberglass keeps its colour and does not oxidize or discolour like Steel or aluminum
  • Made in Sweden

Fiberglass Flagpole Sizes Available

SizeBaseHalyardButt Diameter
20′tiltinternal 4.5″
25′tiltinternal 4.5″
30′tiltinternal 4.5″
35′tiltinternal 5.5″
40′tiltinternal 5.5″

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