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Custom Stick Flags

Custom Stick Flags- Perfect for Desktop Decoration, or Giveaways

Stick flags are great for trade shows, conferences, events and more. Our Stick flags are made just like our regular custom flags- we use the same materials and inks. Depending on the size, stick flags are generally finished with a plastic or wooden dowel. For the smaller sizes we finish the flags with a black plastic stick that get mounted onto bases so they can stand upright. Generally, Stick flags are all printed single/reverse and the edges are hot cut (not sewn). Serge stitching on the edges is only available for nylon stick flags. The custom flag is attached to the stick via a sleeve and with the help of a staple or some glue. The end product is an official looking custom printed stick flag!





A Range of Materials

We can print your custom stick flag on either 70D nylon, 100D polyester, 100 lb gloss paper or Tyvek. The application and budget of the client is what determines which material will suit their needs best. Contact us to find out more

Scale Up or Scale Down

Custom stick flags can range in size. The most common is 4″x6″ or 6″x10″ for custom desktop stick flags or custom paper flags. We also print up to 12″x18″ for larger flags that are meant to be waved rather to be put on display.


These custom paper flags are the most economical and great for Cities, Towns or anyone celebrating a milestone or event who would like to give the product away to participants. Desk top nylon and 100D polyester flags are more decorative and are usually used for board room meetings and presentations.

Our custom stick flags
are offered in four flag materials:

  • The polyester custom stick flag is the most popular stick flag we sell
  • Often used by Cities and non-profit organizations like First Nations as well as Cultural and Language associations
  • Ideal for quick turnaround times. These flags are often finished single reverse with a plastic dowel.
  • These custom stick flags make for perfect keepsakes as well as presentation in a formal setting
  • The 100D polyester stick flags are available in 4”x6” and 6”x10” sizes with a base for desktop presentation
  • Our 70D nylon stick flags are more of a premium product
  • These stick flags are also used in official setting and are often purchased by government and non-profit organizations like First Nations
  • These flags are printed single/reverse and attached to a plastic dowel and can come with an optional plastic base
  • The edges of these stick flags are finished either by hot cut (new sewing) or surge stitching around the edges
  • The 70D nylon polyester stick flags are available in 4”x6” and 6”x10” sizes
  • The 100lb paper custom stick flag is one of the more popular stick flags we sell
  • Great for giveaways and large quantities of flags.
  • These hand-held flag are printed on 100 lb glossy paper that is double-sided and attached to a rolled paper setter stick.
  • These custom paper flags are typically 4”x6”
  • Tyvek is a waterproof and rip-resistant material
  • Great for large print runs and low number of colours as these are often screen printed.
  • These stick flags are printed double-sided and attached to a rolled paper setter stick.
  • These custom paper flags are typically 3″x6″

” Aurora Flags & Banners were extremely efficient in meeting my tight deadlines. The level of professionalism of each team member I encountered was certainly outstanding and the prompt response time to my inquiries was always appreciated. Aurora was able to deliver on my unique project requests from conception to the final product. I am impressed with the quality of product and with Aurora’s ability to remain within the scope of my budget. I will certainly use them again for any upcoming projects. ”

Theresa Jolliffe, Community Strategies Coordinator, Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo
Fantastic, Friendly, Professional and Prompt Service!
Leah Ann Schwark, Indigenous (Aboriginal) Relations , City of Edmonton
The banners turned out beautifully and were so professionally packaged
Audra Bell, GEF Greater Edmonton Foundation

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