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Custom Printed Windsocks

Fly your company colours and be safety compliant

Custom printed windsocks are commonly used in airports, industrial, and oilfield applications. These windsocks deflate when no wind is present, and rotate to show the direction of the wind. Our aviator windsocks are finished with grommets and then attached to a heavy-duty steel frame.



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Theresa Jolliffe, Community Strategies Coordinator, Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo

We offer custom printed windsocks made out of high quality materials.

They are printed on heavy duty 600D PU polyester, which is water and UV resistant. We are able to achieve full colour print all around the windsock with no graphic or colour limitations! They are guaranteed for the best wind sensitivity, and withstands all types of weather and sun.

Did you know that windsocks are used to tell the speed and the direction of the wind? Windsocks typically are used at airports to let the pilots know the direction and strength of the wind. These can also be used at chemical plants where there is a risk of gas leaking as it will trigger the windsocks to move. These are sometimes located alongside the highway in windy locations. Some even have them in their homes! There are many uses for these custom printed windsocks.

  • Heavy Industry
  • Oil Field
  • Industrial Contractors
  • Airports
  • Double Hoop Construction- Makes the initial portion of your windsock visible
  • Stainless Steel Bearings
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Welded Connection Points
  • 1″ Male Stub for Attachment to Your Pole

Common Custom Printed Windsock Sizes

Common Custom Printed Windsock Sizes

  • 5.5″x16″
  • 8″x24″
  • 12″x36″, 12″x54″
  • 18″x56″, 18″x72″, 18″x84″
  • 24″x72″
  • 36″x120″

Sizes in bold are the most common sizes

Windsock steel frame

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