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Custom Car Flags

High Quality Custom Car Flags

Custom car flags are great for on-the-move advertising which lets you be seen in a variety of places! Whether you are promoting your minor sports team, a charity cause, or raising awareness for a political campaign, your car flags are versatile and will make the perfect conversation starter. These can also be used for industrial vehicle safety, as it helps create extra visibility on site, for pilot vehicles, or ensures employees do vehicle walk-arounds.

Our custom car flags come complete with a heavy duty plastic holder which fits easily onto all windows. The premium plastic car flag holder is rated for highway speeds and is about 20″ in height. Our car flags are printed in single/reverse or double sided ensuring maximum visibility. These are only available in the knitted polyester flag material.




Economical. Visible.

Custom printed car flags are printed on knitted polyester and offer an economical way to put your vehicle in the spotlight . These are perfect for sports teams, charities, public awareness, industrial applications, and small businesses.

Custom Car Window Flags

Custom car window flags are generally printed in the 12″x 15″ size, however our premium car flag holder can accommodate up to 12″x 18″.  *Please note that car flags in smaller sizes, perform better at highway speeds.

This was my first experience using Aurora Flags. The wide assortment of items I required – full size Flags, Car Flags, Ribbons, ID badges and more were all designed, produced with exceptional quality on time and on budget. Aysha kept in communication with me and provided proofs in an amazingly short period of time. I have many years of personal experience working in the graphics profession and I would recommend Aurora Flags to any of my past clients or future contacts and friends. 100% Reliable!

We needed a flag short notice for our Sylvan Lake Tigers football team. Aurora gave us great service and prompt delivery! The flag itself is high quality, durable and looks awesome!! People ask us all the time where we had it made! They were also very easy to deal with and their communication was fast and efficient! Will be back again forsure. Thank you Aurora!

Custom car flags are perfect for raising awareness


The perfect advertising tool for local and small businesses? A car flag! Custom printed car flags are much more economical than costly vehicle wraps (which can get drowned out when it seems that all vehicles are wrapped nowadays). They will draw attention to your vehicle. Custom car flags are great for any fleet or delivery vehicles. If your vehicles are on the road, why not advertise your business at the same time?

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