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Distributor of Commercial Flag Poles And Banner Brackets

Aurora Flags and Banners is a distributor of Ewing Aluminium Flagpoles, Formenta Fiberglass flagpoles, Windspill banner brackets and other flag and banner related hardware.

Aurora Flags stocks banner brackets and flagpoles; this means we are able to fill urgent requests immediately and efficiently.

Jr Windspill Banner Brackets

The Jr Windspill Banner bracket is the ultimate banner bracket. Simple in design and cost-effective, these adjustable banner brackets are the perfect hardware for street pole banners. Always in stock at Aurora flags and Banners

Commercial Flags poles

Aurora Flags offerers aluminium and fiberglass flagpoles. Both options come with internal halyards, tilt or fixed bases. Aurora Flags supplies flag poles to government and industry across the province


  • Aluminium flagpoles are the most popular commercial flag poles for sale. They are lightweight, strong, and combine functionality with a classic brushed satin finish. On top of that, aluminum flagpoles are maintenance free, corrosion resistant, easy to install, and low cost. At Aurora Flags and Banners, we are a dealer of Ewing Flagpoles. Ewing (established in 1845) is the largest and most renowned flag pole manufacturer in Canada.
  • Fiberglass flag poles are great for any commercial application. They are popular as they are maintenance free, corrosion free and durable all while achieving a beautifully natural white finish. Fiberglass flag poles are widely used in windy locations such as the prairies or coastal areas . The great strength to weight ratio of fiberglass makes it lighter than many steel and aluminum poles but just as strong.
  • Indoor Flag Poles are perfect for schools, events and government offices. There is a wide range of different types of flag poles, toppers and bases that we carry. Many of our client mix and match bases, pole and finial toppers to suit their own needs.
  • The Junior Windspill Banner bracket is our most popular bracket system. It is made of a die-cast aluminium bracket and has a 30" fibreglass arm. It can accommodate a 30" wide banner and is fully adjustable so that banner change outs are easy. The Junior Windspill system can be used with pole with a diameter larger than 1.5".
  • Great for Residential Use!

    • Our pole is lightweight and accommodates both sleeve and rope and toggle flags
    • Telescope technology expands from 4’-6’
    • Can easily be converted to a temporary  indoor pole for office use  with the addition of one of our indoor flag pole bases
    • Mounts to the wall with ease for permanent display options
    • Its light weight and portability make it perfect for outdoor parades and events!