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Edmonton’s Source For Custom Flags

If you’re looking for custom printed flag- you came to the right place! Aurora Flags and Banner has specialized in custom flags since its inception in 1989. We print on knitted polyester(duraknit, polyknit, duraflag equivalents) as well as 200D nylon.  If you’re looking for fast turnarounds on a smaller budget- knitted polyester is the material of choice. If you’re looking for a higher quality flag that meets or exceed government standards, then Nylon is the way to go.

Quality Custom Flags

  • Our nylon custom flags are the highest quality flag we make. That is to say, your nylon custom flag is created on the same printer and on the same material that the ones we print for government (National and Provincial), military and industry across Alberta.
  • The fly side of all of our nylon flags are sewn with 4 lines of stitching
  • We are able to achieve upwards of 90% colour penetration on our printed nylon flags

Fast Custom Flags

  • Our knitted polyester custom flags can be turned around in as little as a few days.
  • Knitted polyester is a great budget alternative to nylon as it is less expensive to produce and has fewer production steps; this brings the turnaround time and the cost down
  • Knitted polyester is the standard flag fabric for most of the world- it is a high-quality product that has a comparable lifespan to nylon.
  • We are able to achieve about an 80% colour penetration on knitted polyester custom printed flags
  • High Quality Custom Car Flags

    Custom car flags are great for on-the-move advertising which lets you be seen in a variety of places! Whether you are promoting your minor sports team, a charity cause, or raising awareness for a political campaign, your car flags are versatile and will make the perfect conversation starter. These can also be used for industrial vehicle safety, as it helps create extra visibility on site, for pilot vehicles, or ensures employees do vehicle walk-arounds. Our custom car flags come complete with a heavy duty plastic holder which fits easily onto all windows. The premium plastic car flag holder is rated for highway speeds and is about 20" in height. Our car flags are printed in single/reverse or double sided ensuring maximum visibility. These are only available in the knitted polyester flag material. Find out more about our flag materials here
    Download artwork template
  • Custom printed feather flags (also known as banner blades or teardrops flags) are great marketing tools that great great impact in any environment.

    Whether you’re installing them by the road in front of your business, at the trade show or temporarily at your event- custom feather flags will draw attention and get noticed. At Aurora Flags, we offer 3 styles of custom feather flags: the Banner Blade, Tear Drop flag and the Portrait flag. All the banner blades, teardrop flags, and portrait flags share the exact same hardware and are sold in “small”, Medium” and “large” sizes. Custom feather flags are often used for promoting car dealerships, restaurants, sporting events, tradeshow booths, housing developers, home renovation companies, property managers, Event marketing, school sports teams, and festivals.
  • Score a Hole-In-One With Our Custom Golf Flags!

    Did you know we offer custom golf pin flags? These flags are also known as golf flags or green flags. Custom golf flags are used often at charity golf tournaments to showcase hole sponsors or event sponsors. Custom golf pin flags are also a great way to brand your golf course and add that extra touch of professionalism to your green. Golf flags are printed on knitted polyester and can be printed double sided or single/reverse. All gold flags are finished with the plastic pin holder sewn in. All you need to do it place your new flags on top of your existing poles. Whether you're looking for just 1 flag or all 18, we're here to help! Have an upcoming corporate tournament? We are even able to customize your flags with sponsor logos!  
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  • Custom printed flags are an effective marketing tool that uses colour and movement to gain attention and visibility. Custom flags are perfect to fly alongside the Canadian and provincial flag. There are a variety of ways to print these, including digital print (acid dye digital printing on nylon), screen printing, and sublimation. At Aurora Flags and Banners, we either screen print or digitally print our flags on 200/210D nylon or knitted polyester. The material and printing method is determined by the client's budget, the artwork, and the quantity of flags needed. We do use the sublimation printing process, but due to the lower ink penetration, the process is reserved for other fabric printing applications like custom backdrops and table covers.

    Artwork Templates
    Download Info Sheet
  • Custom rodeo flags are a great way to show your company identity or to showcase event sponsors. There's not a better way to kick off rodeo season in the summer than to fly your sponsors' flag. We can often offer RUSH turnarounds on rodeo flags for your last minute needs. Rodeo flags are created with special finishing on the right hand side to enable the flag to be seen correctly while riding. Often times, clients will ask to print their custom rodeo flags double sided. We discourage against this as it makes the flag heavier and thus the rider will need to ride faster for the flag to fly well. Instead, we encourage all rodeo flags to have the finishing on the right hand side so that the counter clockwise rotation of the rider will allow all rodeo fans see the flag flying correctly. Yes, these flags are perfect for the rodeo, but you can also use them for parades or honour events! Photography  of our Qualico flag in action by Amber Bracken
  • Popular with residential land developers, home builders, cities and large event promoters, custom roto top flags are highly visible and perfect for roadside marketing. This unique system consists of a rotating top and arm to keep your flag fully visible at all times. Roto top banners are printed in full colour on either 200D nylon or knitted polyester flag material. These flags rotate 360 degrees to make sure your branding is always visible from all angles. Custom roto top flags are a marketing staple for any type of residential land development.
    Template for 3’x10′
    Info Sheet on Roto Top Flags
  • Custom Stick Flags- Perfect for Desktop Decoration, or Giveaways

    Stick flags are great for trade shows, conferences, events and more. Our Stick flags are made just like our regular custom flags- we use the same materials and inks. Depending on the size, stick flags are generally finished with a plastic or wooden dowel. For the smaller sizes we finish the flags with a black plastic stick that get mounted onto bases so they can stand upright. Generally, Stick flags are all printed single/reverse and the edges are hot cut (not sewn). Serge stitching on the edges is only available for nylon stick flags. The custom flag is attached to the stick via a sleeve and with the help of a staple or some glue. The end product is an official looking custom printed stick flag!
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  • Custom Street Banners are the perfect addition to the main street

    Custom street banners are known by a few different names. We sometimes call them street pole flags, light pole banners, or avenue banners. It is only right that they have so many names as they have so many uses! Lamp post banners are often used by cities and municipalities as well as real estate developers and post-secondary institutions to brand and brighten up street spaces. Over the past 30 years, Aurora Flags and Banners has built a reputation on being the ultimate source for custom street banners. We supply cities and towns from coast to coast with our Junior Windspill Banner Brackets as well as our custom printed vinyl street banners. Check out all the options we have for your custom street or light post banners!
    Street Banner Templates
    Info on Jr Windspill Banner Brackets
  • While many of our First Nation & Metis flags are made to order, we also have quite a few of them in stock. We are able to supply custom First Nations flags for treaty day and special events. There are no minimum order quantities. We are proud to stock and sell First Nations, Metis, and Indigenous flags for the purpose of respectful ceremonial use. Learn more about the importance of treaty flags here. (DriftPile First Nation flag as photographed by John Bellerose at the Driftpile First Nation Pow Wow 2009.)
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