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Fly your flag anywhere: Oil, Rig and Construction Flags

Oilfield, Rig, and Construction Flags When it comes to your oil, rig, and construction flags, there are more ways to hang a flag than from a flag pole. Ask us about creating a custom rig flag or a custom crane flag to really stand out. Below are some ideas for alternative flag mounting solutions. Looking for a a custom construction flag? Give us a shout.    Get In Touch    

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Five Fabulous Reasons to Choose Feather Flags

 Five Fabulous Reasons to choose Feather Flags You've seen them everywhere, Dealerships, Gas Stations, Sporting Events, Resturants, Hardware Stores, Feather flags are used by thousands of businesses because they work. Feather flags work. They work 24 hours a day, they work in the sun, in rain and in the snow. They work to bring qualified traffic into your store front. It's no secret that they work. The secret lies in why they work so well: #1 Look there! It's something [...]

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Six Reasons Why a Custom Table Throw Will Make You Look Pro

Six Reasons Why a Custom Table Throw Will Make You Look Pro Thinking about adding a custom table throw? Here are six reasons why you shouldn't say no. #1 Custom Table Throws Always Look Amazing. Our custom printed table throws are printed on a 300D winkle and flame resistant polyester.  What does that mean? That means your table cover will always look awesome. Period. Each table cloth is made to the common dimensions of foldable tables (8’ or 6’) and [...]

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Our Most Popular Fabrics

Our Most Popular Fabrics We offer tons of fabrics to choose from but due to our machines, we do not currently print on client supplied fabrics. Here are just a few of our most popular fabrics for custom flags and trade show displays. For Advertising Flags, and Rotop Flags -115 grm polyester -200D nylon For Street Banners -18 oz double sided blockout vinyl -14 oz mesh vinyl -200D nylon (rare) -Sunbrella(rare) For Backdrops and INDOOR Fabric Banners -300D polyester (aka poly [...]

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Installing a flag

How do I install a flag? How do I install a rope and toggle flag? Run the halyard, or rope, through the pulley at the top of the flagpole and the cleat at the bottom. Attach snaps (found in most hardware stores) to the halyard. Loop part of the rope, passing it through the bottom hole of the snap, putting the loop over the top of the snap and then pulling the rope tight. Place two snaps on the halyard [...]

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Seven Reasons to Choose a Fabric Backdrop

  Seven Reasons Why a Premium Backdrop is Worth Every Penny. Thinking about adding a premium fabric backdrop to your tradeshow arsonal? Here are seven reasons why our premium stretch fit displays are worth it. #1 Premium Backdrops Always Look 100% Our premium backdrops are printed on a stretch blockout polyester that fits snugly over a lightweight aluminium frame. What does that mean? That means your backdrop will always look wrinkle free and awesome. Period. The pillowcase graphic fits cleanly over [...]

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Single Sided Flags Vs Double Sided Flags

What good is a Backwards Flag Anyway?  Double Sided vs Single Reverse Flags This is the question we often hear working at a flag printing company, Single reverse flags often called single sided flags are the most common flag design.This is where the design is printed correctly on one side of the flag and the ink bleeds through the material so the design appears as a mirror image on the back or reverse side. Single Reverse – Design is only [...]

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Banners that Last-Choosing the right Street Banner Material.

Printing Street Pole Banners that last Choosing The Right Street Banner Material Custom street banners are a fantastic way to beautify and add colour to any street or location. Popular with cities, towns, resorts, real estate developers, universities and colleges; street pole banners are the perfect way to promote and area or an event. We offer a wide range of materials to choose from. Each material has it's strengths and ideal application.  Here are a few of our street [...]

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Sizing Your Flag

Did you know that the size of the flag on the Peace Tower at Parliment Hill is changed every day. It is quite large at  180’’ x 90’’ While you may not be looking for a flag that size it is important to choose the right size for  your application.When choosing adornment  for your flag pole  it is important to make sure that you have the right size of flag. The most popular size of flag is 36"x72" this is [...]

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Flag Hanging Protocol

Here are some general guidelines for hanging flags onto poles whether it is for display purposes or funerals or other events. If you have questions regarding protocol you can contact us and we would be happy to answer them ON A MAST OR POLE The flag of honor, which is the nation’s flag in most cases, is flown on the center mast if possible. It is also correct to fly the flag on its own right. To an observer it would be on [...]

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