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Case Study: Welcome to Grande Cache.

This case study (Welcome to Grande Cache) looks at designing street banners for the newest member of the Municipality of Greenview. Hi! I’m Aysha O’Brien, I’m the graphic design lead for Aurora Flags and Banners. I wanted to share with you a pretty cool street banner project I recently designed for the lovely Town of Grande Cache. From start to finish here is the project: Recently Aurora Flags and Banners was asked to help print and design 153 new banners for Grande Cache’s 50th anniversary. Grande Cache is a diverse community and wanted new banners designed that reflected the history, ... Read more

Our Top Summer Products

Summer is nearly here (I know I’m speaking too soon…but I’m really really tired of winter!). At Aurora Flags, as the seasons change we look forward to switching gears from the trade show products that are more popular in the winter to the outdoor products that are more popular in the summer. Get In touch with a rep HERE Here’s a run-down of our most popular summer products: Custom Flags There is absolutely no better season to fly a flag than summer! Custom flags are usually ordered by Cities, Industrial and Commercial businesses and anyone else looking to display their branding ... Read more

Roto Top Flags: A Staple for Residential Developers

Roto top flags make residential construction sites pretty. They fill the otherwise dirty looking construction sites with colour, branding and anticipation. Which is why roto top flags are a great marketing tool. These flags have a larger than usual surface area to openly display your branding no matter where the wind blows. If you are a residential land developer or a new home marketing manager, you should be using roto top flags to market your product and attract the attention it deserves. Get in touch with us to find out how we can help. At Aurora Flags and Banners, we ... Read more

Canopy tents: the perfect marketing tool for indoor and outdoor events!

Why are Aurora Flags canopy tents so awesome, you ask? We’ve got five great reasons to choose an Aurora Flags tent. 1) Aurora Flag’s canopy tents are printed on 600D polyester. This material is flame and water resistant. It meets CPAI-84 SEC.6/ULC S109 and NFPA 701 Fire standard specs. This means you can use this product indoors at trade show events that have stringent fire-retardant specifications for all exhibitors. Check out this super satisfying video of us spilling coffee on our canopy tent and how it rolls right off without staining the fabric: 2) We only use heavy duty commercial ... Read more

Five Fabulous Reasons to Choose Feather Flags

 Five Fabulous Reasons to choose Feather Flags You’ve seen them everywhere, Dealerships, Gas Stations, Sporting Events, Resturants, Hardware Stores, Feather flags are used by thousands of businesses because they work. Feather flags work. They work 24 hours a day, they work in the sun, in rain and in the snow. They work to bring qualified traffic into your store front. It’s no secret that they work. The secret lies in why they work so well: #1 Look there! It’s something colourful and moving! eather flags are a great way to attract attention of passersbys. There’s nothing that diverts the eye ... Read more

Six Reasons Why a Custom Table Throw Will Make You Look Pro

Six Reasons Why a Custom Table Throw Will Make You Look Pro Thinking about adding a custom table throw? Here are six reasons why you shouldn’t say no. #1 Custom Table Throws Always Look Amazing. Our custom printed table throws are printed on a 300D winkle and flame resistant polyester.  What does that mean? That means your table cover will always look awesome. Period. Each table cloth is made to the common dimensions of foldable tables (8’ or 6’) and thus the winkle resistant table cover fits snugly all the time, every time ;) Your table cloth will meet CPAI-84 ... Read more

Seven Reasons to Choose a Fabric Backdrop

  Seven Reasons Why a Premium Backdrop is Worth Every Penny. Thinking about adding a premium fabric backdrop to your tradeshow arsonal? Here are seven reasons why our premium stretch fit displays are worth it. #1 Premium Backdrops Always Look 100% Our premium backdrops are printed on a stretch blockout polyester that fits snugly over a lightweight aluminium frame. What does that mean? That means your backdrop will always look wrinkle free and awesome. Period. The pillowcase graphic fits cleanly over the aluminium frame, creating a tight wrinkle free fit all the time, every time.  #2 Premium Fabric Backdrops Don’t Reflect ... Read more

Three Tips For Designing For Fabric Printing.

  How To Design For Fabric Printing. Not getting the lifespan you were hoping for out of your flag? There are a few things we can do during the design/production stage that can help the flag last longer. Help your flags last longer when designing for fabric printing. Not getting the lifespan you were hoping for out of your flag? There are a few things we can do during the design/production stage that can help the flag last longer. Here’ are  a few tips to help your flags last longer when designing for fabric printing. #1 Design or Material Changes ... Read more

Single Sided Flags Vs Double Sided Flags

What good is a Backwards Flag Anyway?  Double Sided vs Single Reverse Flags This is the question we often hear working at a flag printing company, Single reverse flags often called single sided flags are the most common flag design.This is where the design is printed correctly on one side of the flag and the ink bleeds through the material so the design appears as a mirror image on the back or reverse side. Single Reverse – Design is only done on 1 side of the flag but shows through to the other sided in a reverse image. The majority ... Read more

The Different Types Of Flags

The Different Types Of Flags A flag isn’t just a flag; it’s a proclamation of the things most important to you! Whether you proudly fly the emblem of your nation or want to promote a business or special cause, flags get attention. Do you know the different types of flags? Did you know there are many ways to fly your flag? Besides the large flags flown at government facilities, there are specific flag types that represent our national identity. National Flags – Individuals and businesses alike fly these to show pride in their country, or to signify their country of origin. ... Read more