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Sublimation Printing

Sublimation printing is a process that allows an image to be perfectly printed on fabric without losing any resolution from the original digital image. It is done through pressing sublimation solid ink with intense heat that turns the solid ink into gas, without going through the in-between liquid state (sublimation is the transfer from solid into gas). This high heat and pressure transformation allows for the ink to get in between the fabric pores and become a part of the [...]

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History of the Pride Flag

History of the Pride Flag Discover the history of the pride flag - The original Pride Flag was designed by a man by the name of Gilbert Baker in 1978. Baker, originally from Kansas,  worked as a designer in San Francisco. Baker was an openly gay activist for gay rights. Baker was commissioned by his friend and co-activist for gay rights Harvey Milk to design an emblem that would be immediately recognizable as a symbol of gay empowerment. Baker came [...]

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Pride Canada Schedule 2019

Celebrate PRIDE in 2019 with Aurora Flags and Banners. Here is a small  list of events happening in 2019. Want to add an event? Let us know.  Some events are yet not listed as the dates are TBD. British Columbia Whistler Pride: January 20th -27th Quesnel Pride: June 15th Nanaimo Pride Week: June 4th - 9th Victoria Pride: July 7th Surrey Pride: June 29th Out in White Rock  July 16th Fraser Valley Pride  (Abbotsford): July 17th -19th Vancouver Pride August 2nd - 4th BOLDfest Vancouver October [...]

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The Tradition of Half-Masting

Flying a national flag at half-mast has become a symbol of mourning for countries across the globe. It is how we show our sympathy for loss, either in our own nation or in solidarity with others. It’s a common act with many policies that seem traditional today. However, half-masting got started in a surprising way.   History of Half-Masting In 1612 the captain the Heart’s Ease, a British ship, died while sailing to Canada. The crew members so mourned the [...]

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Looking for a Band Backdrop?

Now Printing Band Banners in Edmonton. We offer two affordable options for your next big gig. MATERIALS Band Banner Printing on Fabric *RECOMMENDED* Your second band banner option is 300D Polyester. Poplin is similar to a cotton material. It is durable indoors, non-reflective and you are able to fold it to store it. Poplin is easily washable but like any fabric it may stain over time and is not advised for heavy use outdoors. It's luxury look is sure to [...]

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What’s Difference between Nylon and Knitted Polyester Flags?

What’s Difference between Nylon and Knitted Polyester Flags? When creating a custom flag you are often asked to choose your fabric. At Aurora, we offer two options, nylon and knitted polyester (Sometimes called polyknit, duraknit and others) both are very similar in appearance. But there are a few key differences. Nylon Nylon is strong, lightweight, weather resistant and fast drying. Nylons appearance is more opaque due the tighter weave of the threads in the material- this creates a more vibrant [...]

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