Artwork Requirements for Printing Flags

High-Quality Artwork is Key

Whether we’re printing flags, banners, tradeshow display or roll up banners – artwork is key! The finished product will only look as good as the artwork provided. In order to ensure the best quality printing, we require some help from you:

Due to the large scale nature of our printing, most of our files are required in vector format. Even if you have a large jpg of your logo, it’s necessary to have a vector that can be scaled to any size. If a graphic is not a vector, scaling it larger will result in a pixelated image and an overall decrease in quality. Vector images can easily be scaled from the size of a penny to the size of a billboard without any loss in quality.

If we are printing photographs or images, like we often do on large format banners and backdrops- then we require a minimum of 150 dpi resolution at full size. You may provide graphics in smaller scaled sizes- however please ensure that when we enlarge the graphic to full size, we are able to achieve 150 dpi

When you’re sending files to the designer here are some tips to make everything go smoothly:

  • Don’t put images in a Word doc or Powerpoint files
  • Expand your artwork to outlines
  • Please supply all photographs at 50% size and 300 DPI or 100% size and 150 DPI

Files We Accept:

  • .ai Adobe Illustrator
    Default file type of Adobe  Illustrator, a popular vector-based program

  •  .eps  Encapsulated PostScript
    Universal Vector File

  •  .pdf Portable Document Format

Files We  Do Not Accept:

  • .jpg Joint Photographic Experts Group * 
    Raster image format for photographic images (same as .jpeg) *Applies to small logos. Please see photograph requirements below

  • .gif Graphics Interchange Format
    Raster image format for solid colors with no gradients

  • .png Portable Network Graphics
    Raster image format , supports transparency

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