Sublimation printing is a process that allows an image to be perfectly printed on fabric without losing any resolution from the original digital image. It is done through pressing sublimation solid ink with intense heat that turns the solid ink into gas, without going through the in-between liquid state (sublimation is the transfer from solid into gas). This high heat and pressure transformation allows for the ink to get in between the fabric pores and become a part of the fabric itself. Once the heat and pressure is released, the ink becomes solid again, forming a perfectly resolute image that is permanently trapped within the fabric pores. In conclusion, sublimation printing is a fancy word for high quality fabric printing. Need something special? give us a shout at

What products use sublimation printing?

At Aurora Flags and Banners, we specialize in fabric printing. Many of our promotional items are printed using sublimation printing, all fabric items for the exception of flags which are screen or digitally printed.

Canopy Tents

Make a WOW impression with custom canopy tents. Canopy tents are great for promoting your brand. With three walls of advertising space and a great graphic in the front and catchy title, canopy tents can attract a crowd just on their own! Canopy tents can be used both indoors and outdoors. They are lightweight and include a sleek carrying case, which makes lugging them across fields, trade show floors and gymnasiums less cumbersome.



Premium Fabric Trade show Displays

Fabric Trade show displays are a must have for any trade show convention. They are lightweight, easy to set up and wrinkle free! The stretch fabric looks crisp every time! The best part about fabric trade show displays is that they are cost-effective and as a result, can be replaced from time to time using the same frame for a fresh new look! Premium fabric displays can be printed single or double sided and are available in many different sizes and shapes.

9-1 Table Throws

Have a weird looking table? Non-standard size? We have all your table covering solutions, from customized graphics and sizes to plain and standard sizes. Make your table at the next conference stand out with our chic, high resolution, custom table covers.



Sublimation printing offers the highest quality graphics and vibrant colours at cost-effective pricing. Next time you are preparing for a trade-show, fair, carnival or conference, bring the crowd to you with a sublimation printed fabric display from Aurora Flags and Banners, your source for fabric printing!