Summer is nearly here (I know I’m speaking too soon…but I’m really really tired of winter!). At Aurora
Flags, as the seasons change we look forward to switching gears from the trade show products
that are more popular in the winter to the outdoor products that are more popular in the
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Here’s a run-down of our most popular summer products:

Custom Flags

There is absolutely no better season to fly a flag than summer! Custom flags are usually ordered
by Cities, Industrial and Commercial businesses and anyone else looking to display their
branding or logo to the world. Custom flags are often flown on commercial flagpoles and the
most common size is 3’x6’. We print our custom flags on both 200D nylon and knitted

Feather Flags

Feather flags (also called banner blades and teardrop flags) are fantastic marketing tools that
are often used in the summer. Feather flags can be printed single/reverse or double sides and
can be used indoors or outdoors. They are perfect for trade shows and for exterior marketing!

Canopy Tents

There is no other season where custom canopy tents are more useful! Providing shade and a
designated gather place, custom printed canopy tents are a great way to show your company
colours at an event! Whether you’re at a golf tournament, carnival or festival; make sure your
company is putting its’ best foot forward with a custom canopy tent!

Custom Windsocks

Popular with industrial and heavy commercial clients, custom windsocks are a great way to
follow regulatory and safety procedure while showing off your company’s branding. Custom
Windsocks can be printed full colour and are made of 100% polyester.

Street Pole Banners

Aurora Flags is the go-to source for street pole banners. We print thousands a year, supplying
to Cities, towns and residential developers across western Canada. Our street pole banners are
primarily printed on 18 oz blockout and 14 oz mesh vinyl as these substrates off the best
economic lifespan and over all look. Call us today to find out more about how we can help you
build community with street banners.

Commercial Flagpoles

With the construction season being so short, Commercial flagpoles are in high demand
throughout the summer. These flagpoles require dug foundations and thus they are primarily

installed in the summer. We offer Formenta Fiberglass and Ewing Aluminium Commercial
flagpoles. We also install within Edmonton