Roto top flags make residential construction sites pretty. They fill the otherwise dirty looking construction sites with colour, branding and anticipation. Which is why roto top flags are a great marketing tool. These flags have a larger than usual surface area to openly display your branding no matter where the wind blows. If you are a residential land developer or a new home marketing manager, you should be using roto top flags to market your product and attract the attention it deserves. Get in touch with us to find out how we can help.


At Aurora Flags and Banners, we have decades of experience designing, supplying and installing roto top flags for land developers and new home builders. Roto top flags have become the sign of a fast growing economy, lining the streets of residential development sites, sprucing up the otherwise dreary muddy brown and tractor orange construction areas.

Whether you’re looking for these flags to be supplied and installed by Aurora Flags, or just printed and shipped to your trusty sign installers; we’re here to help. We have shipped and installed roto top flags across Canada to many of the nations’ premier property developers such as Melcor, Qualico, Harvard Developments, Beaverbrook and Cameron Development.

Roto top flags require the installation of semi-permanent steel poles. These poles have a long life and have a lifespan of 10+ years. For a city, installing poles at strategic locations and changing the flags based on the season or special event, allows maximum use of the poles, and keeps the city looking fresh and up to date. For home developers, poles will last the entire construction period, and flags can remain constant or change as the project goes through its different phases. After the neighbourhood is built, developers are can easily uninstall the poles and reuse them at the next site. For a more permanent installation rototops can also be installed on to a traditional flag pole. IMG_20151208_092607

Why Roto top flags are a better option than street banners

Roto top flags are a superior marketing tool when compared to street banners because they move in the wind and thus, attract attention. The roto top head allows the banner to be moved by the wind and remain open such that the copy and branding is always visible. Street banners do not move with the wind, and have a smaller display surface area for branding. They are static, and do not attract as much attention. Roto top flags never curl around a pole like regular flags; they can be counted on to always display your branding in full view, on both sides of the flag, waving around with the wind, begging to be looked at. Roto top flags are economical to produce and ship, and as a result, can be changed frequently. Once the poles have been installed, developers can really have fun with their roto top flags, changing them with the seasons, different marketing promotions and general branding. Roto top flags (and pageantry in general) is a great way of detracting from the mucky development sites and instead shift focus to your development’s colourful brand.

Roto top flags have changed the look and feel of growing cities across the country. With custom designs, printing, easy shipping and install, roto top flags are hands down, the best marketing tools for developers, show home and model home pageantry. Take the focus off of the muddy construction site and generate excitement for a new neighbourhood!


What about smaller businesses who want roto top flags?

For smaller businesses, the feather flag is a cheaper and less permanent alternative. Feather flags look like roto top flags, with a pole, rotator and flag, but are significantly cheaper because they do not require a steel pole and invasive installation. A feather flag’s flag pole is made out of fibreglass, It is not as strong as the steel roto top pole and fulfils a more short term need. Installation is also a breeze with our ground stake and cross base options.

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