Welcoming Fort McMurray Residents Home

After the devastating 2016 fire in Fort McMurray,  the City contacted us and requested custom banners to be printed and installed before residents return to the city. These banners were commissioned with the aim of raising spirits in the city and providing strength
to those returning home. The banners had simple and strong messages on them, specifically designed to boost community spirit and camaraderie amongst residents.

This project would usually take our team three to four weeks to design, print and install.
The city contacted us five days before the first wave of residents were returning.

We completed the project, A to Z in three days.

All hands were on deck at Aurora, we rushed the printing  and were running our presses 24 hours a day, but got stuck when it came to delivery; because of the fire, there were no courier companies going near Fort McMurray.

We got thinking and called in all of our resources and connections to find a way to get the banners to Fort McMurray FAST!

Our solution came in the wind, and we arranged for air transport to get the banners to ‘Fort Mac’, and installed, all in time for the first wave of residents to return.

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These banners were a strong message to residents that they, as a community, would get through this difficult period. Aurora Flags and Banners were honoured to be a part of giving that support to ‘Fort Mac’.
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Aurora Flags and Banners is proud to be #YMMSTRONG