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The Different Types Of Flags

  • The Different Types Of Flags

    A flag isn’t just a flag; it’s a proclamation of the things most important to you! Whether you proudly fly the emblem of your nation or want to promote a business or special cause, flags get attention. Do you know the different types of flags?

    Did you know there are many ways to fly your flag? Besides the large flags flown at government facilities, there are specific flag types that represent our national identity.

    • National Flags – Individuals and businesses alike fly these to show pride in their country, or to signify their country of origin.
    • Provincial Flags-Each province has it’s own special flag these flags are usually flown at government offices.
    • Municipal Flags- Cities, Towns, Hamlets and Villages all have their own unique flag.
    • Political Flags-These are used to show your alliance with a certain political party or movement. It’s common to see these types of flags flown during elections or at party headquarters. Some political flags include national emblems, while others use the symbols and colours of the party represented. Some jurisdictions have laws that dictate which symbols are allowed to be used on political flags.
    • Military Flags – Some countries have specific flags flown by the armed forces during both peace and war time. These flags help identify allies during war and help with troop organization among other uses. The Canadian military uses a wide variety of custom flags.
    • Organization/Awareness Flags-Some charities, religions, and even corporate businesses have an official flag design. These types of flags help organizations gain recognition across the world. When used to raise awareness of public issues, such as cancer, it gives those affected a banner to show solidarity with one another. Used as a promotional tool for business, flags can mark the location of a new store or to promote services.
    • Sports Flags- Flying team flags a fun way to express your support for your favourite athletes. Sports flags also help to distinguish different teams from each other during large events. Newly minted teams often design a flag to promote themselves. Likewise, older sports organizations will redesign their flags to appear more modern or signify a major change.




     Anyway, like Bubba was sayin’, There are many types of flags. You have your national flags,provincial flags, municipal flags, sports flags, political flags, flags for non profits, event flags. rig marking flags, company flags. There’s corporate flags,military flags, naval flags, developer flags,flags on a stick,car flags, stock colour flags,parade flags,  That- that’s about it.

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