#1 Design or Material Changes

For Roto-Top Flags also known as banners we offer a  curve on the bottom right hand side of the flag.
In our research  we realized that the bottom Right hand corner is the first corner to usually rip. By adding a curve instead of a straight hem it creates less of a weight on that corner and thus the flag takes longer to rip. This helps prolong the life of your investment.  Single sided flags outlast  double sided flags. because of the weight involved.

Some materials last longer than others.
Keep in mind your goals for the product before choosing a material.
Sometimes the material or hardware seems most economical in the short term may not be the best choice for a long term option. 

 #2 Choose Screen Printing When Possible.

Screen Printing offers better colour penetration than if we digitally print flags. This is because we can physically push more ink into the fabric.

To screen print we’ll need:

a)      A good quantity order (above 25 flags per design *One colour print* )

b)      Only flat, non-gradient colours used in the design

c)       The colours are limited to under 3 colours + white

These Rosenthal flags were screen printed  as they were limited to a few colours, there were no gradients and there was a higher quantity order.

 #3 It all comes down to colour.