Devons Citizens show off what they love best.

Case Study: Street Banners Add Vibrancy in Devon Alberta – In 2018, the Town of Devon, Alberta, decided to use street banners to beautify their town, engage their citizens and communicate what their Town is all about. Situated on the banks of the North Saskatchewan river, the Town is known to be a destination for outdoor activities all year round. City representatives went around town snapping photographs of residents doing their favourite outdoor activities.


These pictures were cropped and edited and printed onto street banners in conjunction with the Town’s existing branding and logo. Aurora Flags and Banners got the chance to produce and install these banners and see the project through from conception to production and install. The main streets of Devon are now beautifully decorated with colourful street banners that not only display Devon’s brand but also showcase the smiling faces of citizens doing what they love to do. The intentional banner design promoted
civic pride, inclusion and the celebration of physical activity in the city. Now that’s an example of innovative branding!

Devon Street Banners

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