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Six Reasons Why a Custom Table Throw Will Make You Look Pro

Six Reasons Why a Custom Table Throw Will Make You Look Pro

Thinking about adding a custom table throw? Here are six reasons why you shouldn’t say no.

#1 Custom Table Throws Always Look Amazing.

Our custom printed table throws are printed on a 300D winkle and flame resistant polyester.  What does that mean? That means your table cover will always look awesome. Period. Each table cloth is made to the common dimensions of foldable tables (8’ or 6’) and thus the winkle resistant table cover fits snugly all the time, every time ;)

Your table cloth will meet CPAI-84 SEC.6/ULC S109 and NFPA 701 Fire standard specs. This means you can use this product indoors at trade show events that have stringent fire-retardant specifications for all exhibitors.

#2 Don’t Know What Size You Need? Get Both!! (kinda..)
Let’s face it; nobody know what table they’re going to get when they show up at a tradeshow or event. Prepare for the unexpected and get our Convertible table throw. The convertible table throw can be used with a 6′ OR an 8′ table. With foldable sections and Velcro connection points, the convertible table throw switched from one table length to the other quickly and easily. You might just want to do it for fun!


Screen Shot 2019-02-12 at 10.01.01 AM


#3 Custom Table Covers are Washable

Got an outdoor event? Worried about dirt and grime on your shiny new table cloth? Set your mind at ease knowing that your table cloth is machine washable. The fabric is printed by dye sublimation which makes for not only a beautiful print… but a washable one too.


#4 Easy to Transport and Setup.

If you’re anything like me, it’s not a matter of if you spill your coffee… it’s when. Be prepared for the inevitable with our stain resistant coating option. For a small additional fee, have your table cloth printed on a stain resistant coated material. I’m pretty sure this video will be enough to convince you of how awesome it is:


#5 Easy to Transport and Setup.
Our custom table covers take 30 seconds to set up and weigh about 5 lbs. If you’re a tradeshow road-warrior; this means a lot to you. Our custom tablecloths can easily be taken on an airplane as they’re foldable (and wrinkle resistant) and lightweight. Don’t fumble again with mounting vinyl banners onto your table and then trying to pack them into your carry-on.


#6  Custom Table Covers Stand the Test of Time.

Custom Table Covers are great for repeated use and long-term applications because they do not wear in the same way as vinyl. Due to the fact that the fabric is foldable and washable, there are very few things that would make the table cover no longer useable (think of creasing or cracking on a vinyl backdrop). This makes fabric table covers the ideal solution if you’re using the product long term.


That’s all – the top six reasons why a custom table throw will make you a pro!

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