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Seven Reasons to Choose a Fabric Backdrop


Seven Reasons Why a Premium Backdrop is Worth Every Penny.

Thinking about adding a premium fabric backdrop to your tradeshow arsonal?
Here are seven reasons why our premium stretch fit displays are worth it.

#1 Premium Backdrops Always Look 100%
Our premium backdrops are printed on a stretch blockout polyester that fits snugly over a lightweight aluminium frame. What does that mean? That means your backdrop will always look wrinkle free and awesome. Period. The pillowcase graphic fits cleanly over the aluminium frame, creating a tight wrinkle free fit all the time, every time.

 #2 Premium Fabric Backdrops Don’t Reflect Light

You know what’s just as bad as having red-eye in a photo? Having the flash bounce off the background, creating a halo or hot spot on your picture! Premium Fabric backdrops don’t reflect light, making them perfect for media events, tradeshows or any professional atmosphere.

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#3 Premium Fabric Backdrops are Easy to Transport!

Have you ever had to lug around an 8’x8’ roll of vinyl? If you have… you probably never want to do it again! Premium fabric backdrops are great because the graphic is foldable and lightweight. This makes transport and setup super easy! The graphic is also wrinkle resistant, this means you don’t need to feel guilty about shoving the graphic back into its’ case when you’re rushing to leave your event!

#4 Premium Fabric Backdrop Hardware is Reusable .
Do you have multiple events you’re going to and want a different look for each one of them? Our backdrop hardware can be reused over and over again with different graphics.

 #5 The Graphics Can Be Printed Double Sided on our Premium Fabric Backdrops.
The graphic, thanks to it’s amazing blockout properties, can be printed double sided. That means you can have 2 different images on the same graphics (one on the front and one on the back). If you take advantage of the double-sided printing, it turns our being quite a significant cost-saver.

 #6  Fabric Backdrops are dye sublimated (ie washable and vibrant)
Dye sublimation printing is a technique used to print on indoor fabrics. This printing method creates bright and vibrant colours that have an element of softness and texture to it. Dye sublimated fabrics are also washable, so you can always have your backdrop looking great.

#7  Fabric Backdrops Stand the Test of Time.

Fabric backdrops are great for repeated use and long-term applications because they do not wear in the same way as vinyl. Due to the fact that the fabric is foldable and washable, there are very few things that would make a graphic no longer useable (think of creasing on a vinyl backdrop). This makes premium fabric backdrops the ideal solution if you’re using the product long term.

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