Case Study: Saxony Glen Showhome Sign

In the fall of 2018 Aurora Flags and Banners put up the tallest sign we ever have. The challenges with this sign were not only the sight, but the weight and the different stand off elements from the sign.

Cameron Development wanted to drum up awareness for their Saxony Glenn residential development that was coming soon. Their solution was not one, but two 24 x24 signs, installed in a V shape. Each sign had a 12’ diameter circle stand off from the sign face with the Saxony Glen logo. To cap it all off, each sign has two 3’x10’ flags attached on top. If there was ever a sign that would draw attention, it was this one.



Each sign post was 44’ tall and once installed into the ground the entire sign stood 38’ above grade. Between the weight, the height and the tight angles of installing the two signs as close as possible… It’s no wonder why these signs stretched our trucks to capacity.

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