Case Study: More Than Just a Bus Shelter in Fort McMurray

In 2014 and again in 2017, Aurora Flags and Banners was hired by the Municipality of Wood Buffalo, also known as Ft. McMurray, to wrap the city’s bus shelters with pictures of local wildlife and local natural wonders like the Northern Lights. This project was also a rush job as the install needed to be done before the cold weather of winter set in.

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The Images of the geese above were hand drawn on post-it-note sized paper, Itwas our job to convert them into full sized digital graphics into a transparent vinyl wrap. Artist Alyssa Wallace illustrated this whimsical summer scene, which includes the Athabasca River and the wild rose, Alberta’s provincial flower

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Artist Sarah Smith illustrated this beautiful fall fauna design showcasing renowned creatures of the region. We diecut the animals to create a beautiful wrap.

Screen Shot 2019-02-11 at 2.40.49 PMDesigner Jason Blundon created the elusive winter wolf design that makes any passerby feel humbled in its presence.

The wraps were prepared and shipped out. The weather had already become nippy, which made install a bit challenging, dealing with such large graphics outside in the cold. Despite these hurdles, Aurora Flags and Banners printed and installed eye-catching bus shelters that honoured the local environment, its wildlife and landscapes.

Although we didn’t create the design all by ourselves (RMWB works with local artists to help bring life to their structures)
We helped to convert 2D ink drawings and ideas into an option that was compatible with the municipalities vision. This included digitizing, scanning and redesigning some elements of the wraps to best suit a 3D structure.

Learn more about  the Bus Shelter Graphic Wrap Program RMWB

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