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Five Fabulous Reasons to Choose Feather Flags

 Five Fabulous Reasons to choose Feather Flags

You’ve seen them everywhere, Dealerships, Gas Stations, Sporting Events, Resturants, Hardware Stores, Feather flags are used by thousands of businesses because they work.

Feather flags work. They work 24 hours a day, they work in the sun, in rain and in the snow. They work to bring qualified traffic into your store front. It’s no secret that they work. The secret lies in why they work so well:

#1 Look there! It’s something colourful and moving!

eather flags are a great way to attract attention of passersbys. There’s nothing that diverts the eye like moving colour. It’s important to use vivid colours and a small amount of text on your feather flags as this provides the most amount of impact. A bright red feather flag with the words “Blowout Sale” will be way more effective than a drab coloured sign with a ton of information.

#2 No Permits!
Have you ever had to wade through city jargon to fill out a sign permit, On top of the additional time spent on paperwork is the added bill for the service. Yuck.
Feather flags don’t require any additional permits from the city to put up! This is a huge advantage over, lets say, sign rentals, because feather flags can be put up for an indefinite amount of time with no municipal permit. This saves you a lot of time and money. You can install them the same day they arrive with zero hassle.


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#3  Banner Blades Are a One and Done Purchase.

Unlike other types of roadside marketing solutions like sign rentals; feather flags are more cost effective due to the fact that they can be bought outright. The subscription-based model of rentals ends up costing the consumer a lot more in the long run. Save your marketing budget!

#4 The Hardware Can Be Reused.
The hardware for feather flags can be reused over and over again. That means you can change out the graphic based on a new promotion, a new event or sale and keep reusing the hardware. This is great for annual or recurring events as the hardware can be used year after year. By reusing your feather flag hardware you can always have a fresh new campaign running and bringing customers in the door.

#5 They Can Be Installed Anywhere With Minimal Hassle

Have you ever wanted to put additional signage up near your business, but your landlord says no? Feather flags a great alternative due to the fact that they are non-invasive, they are “temporary” and they can be installed anywhere. With an over-ground cross base and an in-ground spike, there is no limitation to where they can be installed!

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