Building Bridges Without Borders – The French Quarter of Edmonton

The French Quarter District of Edmonton (Quartier Francophone d’Edmonton) approached Aurora Flags and Banners with a unique project they had been thinking about. They wanted to install 50 flag poles onto a bridge in their district to display the flags of all the French Speaking Countries that the French Quarter has community members from.
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   Photo Edmonton Fusion FC
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This project quickly took on the the name “A Bridge Without Borders”. At the same time they wanted to put up lamp post banners in their district and install monument signs explaining the project. Aurora Flags and Banners was instrumental in making this all happen.
In conjunction with the City of Edmonton, Aurora Flags supplied and installed the street banners, monument signs and flagpoles on the bridge.
It was a large undertaking that required countless hours of preparation and planning in order to go off without a hitch. Over the course of three phases we worked closely with Edmonton’s French Quarter to produce the street banners (providing samples along the way to ensure the colours were accurate), supplying flagpoles for the bridge and finally installing all 50 flagpoles and  4 monument signs.
The Bridge Without Borders was unveiled to the public in a ceremony that welcomed community members, members of the press and dignitaries. Aurora Flags is proud to help build community in the French Quarter  and are happy to be a proud part of this complex undertaking.
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