Printing Street Pole Banners that last

Choosing The Right Street Banner Material

Custom street banners are a fantastic way to beautify and add colour to any street or location. Popular with cities, towns, resorts, real estate developers, universities and colleges; street pole banners are the perfect way to promote and area or an event. We offer a wide range of materials to choose from. Each material has it’s strengths and ideal application.  Here are a few of our street banner material options:

Vinyl Street Banners

Our heavy duty vinyl is long lasting, highly durable and colours look amazing.

Strong Vibrant Colours

Using a combination of our high-vibrancy 20 oz blockout vinyl and the latest technology in digital printing, we are able to produce banners with life-like colour saturation and shades. Upon special requests we print double sided on a mesh vinyl material.

Longer Lasting Banners

 Our 18 oz blockout vinyl is a great choice for those wishing to see longevity in the street banners. Our vinyl has not only the traditional cross-hatch thread pattern within the vinyl but also diagonal threads that prevent lateral ripping; this means your banner will last longer.

With lifespans of 3+ years, our vinyl banners are the perfect products those wishing to change periodically change out their designs every couple of years.

Fully Customizable

Our vinyl street banners are a fully custom product. This means that if you would like to have a  specific type of finishing and design; we are able to accommodate requests.


Our Sunbrella Street Banners are our longest lasting, most durable banners. Great for Cities and towns; these banners will stand up to harsh weather and the sun’s UV rays for years to come

Sunbrella Street Pole Banners are great for cities and municipalities looking to add colour to their main streets or historical districts. These banners are screen printed with UV inhibitor ink and sewn together with locking double line stitching. Our Sunbrella Banners come with a workmanship guarantee of 5 years. If your organization is looking for a street banner product that will last for years to come, Sunbrella is the only choice.



Nylon Street Banners are popular with towns, cities and municipalities. The nylon allows light to shine through it; this give the banner an “illuminated effect”. Nylon is a great option for those wishing to really make their artwork “pop”.

Ideal for Events and Banner Programs Nylon Street Banners are a great way to advertise for events. Our high tenacity nylon stands up to harsh Canadian weather and keeps it’s vibrancy through it’s lifetime. With an expected lifespan of about 2 years; nylon becomes the ideal choice for anyone looking to to do frequent graphic changes (City banner programs) or event promoters looking to advertise for a short period of time.



Looking for the soft appearance of fabric with the high impact of vibrant vinyl?
Look no further than our double sided polyester street banners, These banners are printed double sided with a liner in the middle.

Looking for a custom street banner?