Did you know that the size of the flag on the Peace Tower at Parliment Hill is changed every day. It is quite large at  180’’ x 90’’
While you may not be looking for a flag that size it is important to choose the right size for  your application.
When choosing adornment  for your flag pole  it is important to make sure that you have the right size of flag.

The most popular size of flag is 36″x72″ this is the size of flag that we supply for use in  schools,hospitals and government orginizations.
Below is a chart showing common flag sizing and their pole requirements.

Outdoor Commercial Flag Pole20’27″x54″,36″x72″
Indoor Flag Display36″x60″, 36″x72″
Wall Angle Mounted27″x54″
36″x60″, 36″x72″

For the finishing of indoor flags we recommend using a flag with grommets instead of the Canadian standard of rope and toggle.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? ask us about our variety of custom options.

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